Photo Rejuvenation Therapy in Illinois

Anti Aging Skin Renewal Therapy and Treatments

We Can Help You Fight The Signs of Aging

LightPulse™ Skin Renewal: This combination Therapy is the most exciting technology in today’s aesthetic environment. It corrects (and may actually reverse) a wide variety of skin conditions and facial imperfections, particularly the signs of aging.  Let's say that again. This treatment process corrects skin conditions and facial imperfections, particularly the signs of aging.  Wow! - Really?

Intense Light Pulse - EyesEyes - Crow's Feet

Anti aging skin renewal treatments intended to help you look your best. Unlike traditional laser procedures that treat small areas, this thoroughly tested and perfected therapy provides long-term improvement to both the complexion and texture of an entire area. It brings together the proven benefits of Microdermabrasion, Photo Rejuvenation (IPL) and a regimen of Skin Care products, including the use of a good sun blocker.

The end result is a more natural, youthful you. This one-of-a-kind therapy is available exclusively at Advanced Laser Clinics™.

3 Proven Therapies - One Beautiful You

LightPulse™ Skin Renewal: A combination Therapy that brings together 3 unique treatments proven highly effective in reversing the effects of time.

These include:

Microdermabrasion: An excellent age-defying way to healthier, smoother and younger looking skin. A closed vacuum system delivers aluminum oxide crystals that thoroughly exfoliate the top layers of the skin leaving them smoother and more radiant.

Photo Rejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light): FDA-approved, patented technology that pulses broad spectrum light to treat the skin and eliminate signs of aging. This pulsed light technology eliminates age spots, freckles, broken capillaries and signs of rosacea while stimulating collagen production. Within a few treatments, you will see smoother and firmer skin with a decrease in fine lines and light wrinkles.

Intense Light Pulse - Process

Skin Care Products: Advanced Laser Clinics™ provides high quality skin care products for use at home that are totally compatible with the therapies outlined above.

Look Younger, Feel Better

Thanks to LightPulse™ Skin Renewal:  It is no longer necessary to suffer long periods of healing, prolonged redness and discomfort when renewing your skin. It can be performed on just about any treatment area you desire including hands, chest and neck.

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You can now fight signs of aging by:

  • Reducing fine lines and scars
  • Diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Eliminating sun damage and photo-aging
  • Reducing the redness, flushing and appearance of rosacea
  • Fading and disappearance of freckles, age spots and liver spots
  • Shrinkage, fading and disappearance of spider veins
  • Stimulating the cells that produce collagen resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

Flexible, To Meet Your Busy Schedule

IPL Acne Treatment

Each treatment is approximately 45 minutes and will be scheduled anywhere from one week to three weeks apart. We individually customize a treatment program based on your specific wants, needs and desired results. The number of treatments will be determined by one of our highly trained, professional image consultants upon your first visit.

You may experience some minor discomfort during your procedure. A topical anesthetic is available to make you more comfortable and allows many patients to receive a more intense treatment. The end result is that you can revitalize your appearance without recovery downtime. Pretty smooth, wouldn’t you say?!

Are you ready to start treating yourself?  Contact Advanced Laser Clinics™ of Illinois today for your free initial consultation.  We're ready when you are.