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Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion, Vein and Acne Treatments

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LASER HAIR REMOVAL  Permanent Hair Reduction.  Still, one of the fastest growing and most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures since the early 1990's when it gained FDA Approval and recognition.  Both male and female individuals are experiencing this convenient and non-invasive way to permanently reduce or remove their unwanted body and facial hair.  You can learn more about permanent laser hair removal and reduction within this area.

MICRODERMABRASION  Microdermabrasion is safe, quick, convenient and proven effective for all skin colors and types. Another popular non-invasive, non surgical cosmetic procedure helpful in the areas of reducing fine lines and scars, acne blemishes, age spots, and more.  Microdermabrasion treatments help restore skin to a healthier, smoother texture.  Visit here to learn more about Microdermabrasion treatments.

LIGHTPULSE SKIN RENEWAL  LightPulse™ Skin Renewal is a combination therapy. Unlike laser procedures that treat small areas, this thoroughly tested and perfected therapy provides long-term improvement to both the complexion and texture of an entire area. It brings together the proven benefits of Microdermabrasion, Photo Rejuvenation (IPL) and a regimen of Skin Care products.  You can learn much more about this popular and age-defying therapy here. 

VEIN THERAPY  Vein Treatments. Varicose veins are enlarged blood vessels that have widened due to a weakness in the vein wall or a problem with the valves that control the flow of blood. Spider veins are the small, superficial purple or red veins stretching like a web under the skin.  We can help you to look and feel better by treating the veins directly, while greatly improving the overall appearance of your skin with these treatments.  Learn more about facial and body vein removal here.

ACNE TREATMENTS Acne & Pimple Treatments using IPL Technologies.  The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that can cause acne & pimples - without drugs - without pain - without downtime. The IPL system has FDA clearance for the treatment of acne. Acne most commonly develops when skin cells don't shed properly - the cells stick together and plug up the pores.  We can assist you in this sensitive area and have you looking good and feeling even better in no time.  You can learn more about acne and it's causes and treatments right here.

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS  Skincare Products for the treatment programs offered by Advanced Laser Clinics™.  Here you can learn more about the professional line of products available through your clinic.  Everything from post-laser lotion to facial moisturizers and oils.  All items included in this section contain the product ingredients. Proven Image Enhancement Treatment Products.