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Why should I use ALC Post Laser Lotion after Laser Hair Removal treatments rather then my own lotion or aloe vera gel?

Having Laser Hair Removal treatments puts abnormal stress on your skin. Advanced Laser Clinics Post Laser Lotion is specifically formulated using botanical oils, butters, aloe Vera oil and aloe Vera juice to help skin cells rejuvenate after being radiated. Advanced Laser Clinics Post Laser Lotion uses a combination of ingredients to help moisturize, protect and heal skin, making it far superior to a generic, off-the-shelf lotion or synthetic aloe Vera product.

What can I use to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs or pimples during the grow-out phase of Laser Hair Removal?

Keeping the skin clean and free of dead skin cells is the key to avoiding ingrown hairs or pimples. Advanced Laser Clinics Exfoliating Masque gently exfoliates skin cells using a Beta Hydroxy Acid which does not irritate delicate skin tissue. Beta Hydroxy Acid exfoliates surface skin cells, as well as cells of the pore lining, keeping the area free of dirt and oil build up. Keeping each pore clean and clear also allows the dead hairs to release more easily.

I know I need to protect my skin from sun exposure. Are all sunscreens the same?

Not all sunscreens are the same which is why we recommend Advanced Laser Clinics 8-hour Waterproof Sunscreen. It is specially formulated and certified for a minimum 8-hours of sun protection in or out of the water. It is PABA free, oil free and safe for all ages and skin types. Protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays is important for all of us at all times.

What makes ALC skin care products “natural”?

Advanced Laser Clinics Natural Skin Care Products are formulated with the majority of ingredients being natural plant oils, butters, essential oils, botanical waters and herbal extracts. ALC products use safe, cosmetic chemicals and preservatives to enhance each individual product as well as extend the shelf life for normal daily product usage. Products claiming to be all natural are misleading unless they are made in your kitchen and discarded within a few days.

The Facial Cleanser doesn’t lather like regular soaps, is it still cleaning my skin?

Most people equate soapy lather with effective cleaning. In reality, most commercial cleansers use ingredients that deplete natural fats and phospholipids from the epidermis, weakening the natural barrier and allowing toxic substances and bacteria to invade the skin. Advanced Laser Clinics Herbal Facial Cleanser uses cleansing ingredients made from sugar and fatty acids. They are completely non-toxic, biodegradable and effective for removing greasy substances that cannot be dissolved by water.

I don’t like the dry feeling of Toners; should I use the vitamin facial toner?

Most toners are alcohol based which leave the skin dry. Advanced Laser Clinics Hydrating Vitamin Toner uses a blend of herbal and floral waters with Vitamins A, C, E and B5 to hydrate skin while restoring a slightly acidic, healthy pH to the skin.

What makes the Facial Moisturizers different for each skin type?

When it comes to Moisturizers, a one-size fits all approach just does not measure up. That is why Advanced Laser Clinics has formulated individual applications with specific nut, seed and flower oils and botanical butters that can be customized to benefit each skin type. Advanced Laser Clinics Facial Moisturizers contain no synthetic oils or humectants. The Dry and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer uses super fatted oils to penetrate deeply, supplying essential moisture to newly revealed skin cells after Microdermabrasion treatments or any type of exfoliation. The Normal Skin Moisturizer imparts elasticity and vitality to skin while stimulating cell renewal. The Oily or Combination Moisturizer hydrates skin with oils that penetrate quickly and balance oil production.

Will the Rejuvenating Facial Oil make my skin greasy?

Advanced Laser Clinics Rejuvenating Facial Oil is a unique moisturizing treatment. Its main component is Jojoba Oil which is thought of as skin therapy. Jojoba Oil resembles human sebum so it penetrates quickly as if it is your own, leaving skin supple and smooth. Formulated with vitamins, essential oil of Neroli and hydrolyzed wheat protein, this product is your daily defense against aging.

My skin is prone to break outs. What products can I use to prevent them?

Clear Choice - Solutions for Clear Skin is Advanced Laser Clinics line for acne or blemish prone skin, The daily use of the Moisturizing Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Moisture Therapy and Exfoliating Mask target each symptom leading to acne. Aside from hormonal or chemical fluctuations that contribute to chronic or adult acne, Clear Choice is a mild, natural skin care routine for clear and healthy skin.