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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's - Section Overview

Laser Hair Removal  The Advanced Laser Clinics™ of Illinois would like to address any questions you may have about our laser hair removal and permanent hair reduction treatments. This area answers only common questions. Please ask your personal image consultant any questions you may still have upon your free consultation.  Your image is our business.

Microdermabrasion  This age-defying process can give a brighter, smoother appearance to any skin area in need of exfoliation such as face, neck, hands and chest. Questions and answers on microdermabrasion treatments and solutions.  What is microdermabrasion?  What does it do? What can I expect?  These and many similar questions are addressed in this section.

LightPulse™ Skin Renewal  What are the benefits of the LightPulse™ Skin Renewal series? Do I need all of the combination therapies?  Does LightPulse™ Skin Renewal hurt? Can you treat other area of the body besides the face?  Our most popular and effective set of treatments - you can see why here.

Skin Care Products  Moisturizers, Toners, Oils, Lotions... so much to know, so little time.  Let us help.  We can consult you on post laser lotions and their effectiveness as well as most other skin care products.  A number of skincare product questions are addressed and answered in this section.